Panic Mode

I have been beavering away the last couple of days trying to get a few paintings together to exhibit at a little shindig an old work friend has set up at a local pub, The Vine.

Art at the Vine event page.

It's not quite going to plan, and I'm in slight panic mode that I wont have anything that I'm happy with to show or sell. I decided to have a root around in the two A2 portfolios of work that has built up over the last 5 years. Here are some little gems I came across. I'm hoping they will now inspire me...


Happy Birthday Mama Weedon

I recoloured one of the swedish meadow designs that I knew my Mum liked. I made it so that it would fit in with the colour palettes around our house. The cushions are also double-sided, just in case she wanted to mix it up a bit! My cushion making skills are a bit... errr... hap dash?! But you have to give me some credit, I've never sewn on a zip before!


Dolby Meadow Commission

I was commissioned recently to do a painting based on this photograph. Despite the obvious bursts of violet blue, the customer actually wanted the real emphasis to be on the shapes of the cow parsley, mixed with the subtle pinks of the tall grass seeds. I think I managed to capture this, and it is now waiting to be framed so that it can take pride and place in her kitchen!

Please get in touch if you know anyone interested in a floral/landscape based commission. Every little helps!

Crazy Cat Lady

How am I going to work!?

Messing Around

Just trying to keep busy...


Pugs Not Drugs