Lagos House

It's that time or year again when the Weedon's get together with the Pinkney's and we vacate to Prussia Cove. Instead, this year, it was decided to we go back to our old haunt; The Lagos House on Trevone Bay. There are many pictures of me taken at this house over the years, as a toddler right through up to a young teen. It was nice to reminisce here once again after so many years away.



So me and my course mate/best friend/fellow designer Chloe Nash have both been shortlisted for the New Emerging Designers Competition with the furniture company Sofa.com. So excited to just be shortlisted, but one final push of voting would be amazing to help towards potentially winning the 'Peoples Vote' award! Thank you!

Vote here at sofa.com


The Beginning of 3rd Year


A little snippet of my first project for my final year! Can't give too much away, but Islamic Geometrics was the theme. With the emphasis on the colour white creating a crisp and fresh feel to the collection, it's ready for Spring/Summer 13! I chose to explore geometrics as the mathematical accuracy of it all doesn't come naturally to me with my usually more erratic and 'accidental' style of painting. I wanted to start 3rd year off with a challenge, and that it was!