Project Update


Sorry it's been a while! I have been thrown back in to my final year with a tonne of work! Pesky dissertation is already creeping up on me! Just so you don't think I have gone in to hibernation for Winter, I thought I would give you a little snippet of what I have been working on since I have been back at Uni.

The project I am currently designing for is a 12 week project, finishing in January, with an open brief. I have decided to focus on geometrics, the journey beginning with Islamic ceramic patterns. In the next few weeks I will hopefully be playing around with less symmetrical ideas and more engineered pieces for fashion. I intend on working with the process of devore and also translating some of designs through the jacquard machine! Watch this space...


Last Chance

Only one more week of these bad boys being up on Ohh Deer! Get them while you can and invest in a Hannah Weedon pillow...




Belated Summer

Just a few snaps taken on the Pentax P30 when I broke up for the Summer in June. Enjoy.