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As mentioned before, I was involved in an event last night that was organised by the lovely Tenaya Steed. I managed to get a few paintings together in the last couple of days, despite the creative block in the last post! 

I did attempt at documenting the night and the other artists work, but a few too many free glasses of wine and I'm afraid half of them were not blog worthy. I didn't manage to get a decent photo of Sam Higley's lovely illustrations, but if you're curious here is his blog - http://silversleeves.tumblr.com/

I had lots of fun setting it up and enjoyed having something to work towards. Thank you to everyone that turned up and made it a great evening. All the work will be up for a few more days, so if anything tickles your fancy, pop on down!

My Work (and me)...

Rose Vellacott's beautiful portraits... http://www.rosevellacott.co.uk/home

Ollie Guilbert's landscapes (excuse Seb's attempt at photo bombing) and one of many of Tenaya Steed's  lovely bird paintings...

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