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As mentioned in the previous blog post I was in the Big Smoke this weekend. It was by fluke that the day before I was due to leave, one of the tutors mentioned that a 2012 graduate student from the University College Falmouth had given Textile Design some free tickets to the Selvedge Winter Fair on Saturday! What are the chances!? The tickets had been given to us by Imogen Catling, who is currently working for Selvedge Magazine as the Brand and Product manager.

It was held in the Chelsea Old Town Hall and had a real hustle bustle feel to it; your typical Winter Fair, only the handmade products on sale were of an uber high quality! With our Anthropology goody-bag in tow, we had a wonder around all the lovely bits and bobs for sale. In particular it was really exciting for mixed media and weave based designers, some real gems on show. Here's a little collection of my favourite stalls...



Made In Hastings had some amazing hand-painted tambourines, handmade books and some really sweet  prints. Opening as a shop in 2004, they wished to promote artists and makers within the Hastings area. There was something for everyone at this stall, but mainly it had some precious things for children. The hand-painted tambourines by Clair Fletcher in particular are a really unique and special way of decorating a child's space.  



These clever and lovely miniatures of birds were the handiwork of Abigail Brown. Most of Abigail's work centers around animals, and she seems to have hit the nail on head with these feathered friends! Each one is handmade from machine and hand embroidering new and reused materials to imitate the colourings and markings of each creature. You can really see the love and attention that goes in to every detail of her work!



Best In Show is a collection, created by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, of an assortment of 25 knitted dogs, ranging from an Afghan Hound to a little Jack Russell. You could buy them in kits at their stall and knit them yourselves. With the "Make Do And Mend" revival we're currently living in at the moment, there are a lot more people taking up the creative past-time of knitting! I think this is a really engaging and charming idea of getting people stuck in to make one of these little fellows.



Available to buy via Etsy, Bouf and Culture Label, these decoupaged suitcases by Lisa Tilley are right up my street! These pieces of 'functional art' were getting a lot of attention at the Fair and I can see why! The simple idea of taking vintage and found items and giving them a twist by adding the illustrative details bought them back to the 21st Century! 


After having a little chat with the lovely Jessica, I discovered she actually graduated from Leeds Met with a degree in Graphics and has now set herself up in Nottingham as a freelance illustrator and textile designer. Offering a bespoke service, her simple, quirky illustrations are all handprinted and would add the perfect touch to the home. Her products are steered more towards the dining room and kitchen area, with table runners, napkins, aprons, tea-towels and placemats for sale.



For anyone who knows me, I love SOCKS! If my feet are happy, I'm happy. At Christmas I am genuinely pleased when I am given a comfy pair of bed-socks. With that said, I was absolutely delighted to come across the Arbon sock stall. There was a variety of different designs made in North Devon, from either alpaca, wool or cotton! How could I not invest in a pair!? 


So, that's the sum up of my morning spent at the Selvedge Winter Fair! I'm really glad I went, not only because I'm now the proud owner of an AMAZING pair of socks, but because it was really refreshing and inspiring to see the assortment of textile based talent out there! I've already told Mama Weedon I'm dragging her to the next one...

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